Preliminary Market Consultation (PMC)

After the elaboration and presentation of our Early Demand Map in July 2021, the result of the collaborative work of agents from all the innovation helixes of the city and the territory, we were faced with an immense challenge: how to prioritise the 54 challenges and 305 unmet public needs that could be solved through CPI procedures that were incorporated into the Map?

The answer was complex, but obvious. Linking the Public Procurement of Innovation processes and, therefore, this work to address the city’s challenges with the first Mission approved: the València 2030 Climate Mission, which aims to make València a climate-neutral city by 2030, and to do so for and by the citizens, within the context of the European mission of 100 Smart and climate-neutral European cities by 2030.

It is clear to state that the Early Demand Map València 2030 is strongly related to the objectives pursued by the Climate Mission. In this way, and beyond the direct link between the challenges and unmet public needs of the València Sustainable Look, both in terms of climate change and sustainable mobility, it can be concluded that all the Looks on which the Early Demand Map València 2030 reflects present challenges and unmet public needs which, using Public Procurement of Innovation as a tool, could help the city to advance towards its goal of climate neutrality. This close linkage, represented in the more than 20 major challenges and more than 75 unmet public needs that are directly related to the Mission, has led us, consequently, to the decision to use the València Neutral City Mission as a prioritisation element and main guide to transform the Early Demand Map València 2030 in the Preliminary Market Consultation processes that are going to be opened.

Specifically, the 8 simultaneous Preliminary Market Consultation processes that open in April 2022 aim to identify innovative lines of work to address the different aspects of the great challenge of achieving climate neutrality in the city by 2030.

These 8 Preliminary Market Consultation processes will be presented at a public event on a day to be confirmed. It will detail all the information related to each of the 8 challenges to be addressed, as well as the operational details to participate in this Preliminary Market Consultation process. Likewise, below is the initial information on each of these 8 challenges, which will be updated in this web section as progress is made in this procedure covered by Article 115 of Law 9/2017, of 8 November, on Public Sector Contracts. For any questions regarding this process, please do not hesitate to use the email or the contact form on this website.

Finally, remember that you have the Bank of Innovative Ideas to contribute your innovative proposals in case they are not linked to any of the 8 challenges launched in this first Preliminary Market Consultation procedure.

Challenge 1 - Sustainable mobility

Transformation of the city’s mobility and logistics model towards a low-energy and climate-neutral scenario.

Challenge 2 - Energy model

Transformation of the city’s energy model towards a renewable energy production and consumption scenario.

Challenge 3 - Urbanism and sustainable habitat

Adaptation and renovation of public and private infrastructure, equipment, buildings and housing in order to optimise energy efficiency and emissions in the city.

Challenge 4 - Valencian circular and sustainable economy

Minimisation of the city’s waste towards a zero waste and climate-neutral scenario. Green transformation of the city’s economy and culture.

Challenge 5 - Renaturalisation

Maximising the renaturation of the city’s public and private spaces and the use of sustainable nature-based solutions.

Challenge 6 - Resilience and adaptation

Adaptation of the city to effectively cope with the adverse effects of climate change and to optimise its climate resilience.

Challenge 7 - Smart governance

Strengthening the City Council with the necessary public capacities to be more efficient and do smart monitoring and governance of the systemic transformation towards climate neutrality.

Challenge 8 - Social involvement

Maximising education, awareness, participation and involvement of the entire ecosystem of the city in the objectives of the València 2030 Climate Mission.

What are Preliminary Market Consultations?


They are public consultations aimed at economic operators, the academic and research community or any other interested agent in order to gather information on how to address the challenges posed in the framework of the Public Procurement of Innovation processes with the aim of finding out the degree of maturity of the solutions and thus correctly prepare the possible PPI tenders arising from this process.

This is an open and transparent procedure whose participation does not preclude subsequent intervention in procurement procedures that may arise.