Challenge 7: Smart governance

Strengthening the City Council with the necessary public capacities to be more efficient and to do smart monitoring and governance of the systemic transformation towards climate neutrality.

Specific objectives

  • The transformation of the city’s internal mobility and logistics model towards a scenario of minimum energy consumption and zero emissions.
  • The transformation of the urban energy model towards a scenario of production and consumption of energy from renewable sources and reduced emissions, in a context of just and inclusive transition.
  • The adaptation and renovation of infrastructures, equipment, buildings and housing, public and private, in order to optimise their energy efficiency, minimising the city’s energy demand and emissions.
  • The minimisation of the city’s waste, including a paradigm shift in solid and liquid waste management towards a zero waste and climate-neutral scenario.
  • Maximising the renaturation of the city’s public and private spaces and nature-based sustainable solutions in a climate-neutral context.
  • Adaptation of the city to effectively cope with the adverse effects of climate change, while optimising its resilience.
  • Maximising the support and involvement of citizens, public and private entities and civil society in achieving systemic transformation towards climate neutrality.
  • Maximising the monitoring and evaluation of education, awareness raising, participation, citizen and social involvement in terms of their contribution to the decarbonisation of the city.
  • Maximising the capture, use and exploitation of city data to support the conception of data as a new public infrastructure on which to develop smart cities and digital twins in a climate-neutral context.
  • Maximising automated and distributed processes to ensure public efficiency, certification of compliance and data capture in a climate-neutral context.
  • In general, the improvement of municipal management in any field of action related to the València 2030 Climate Mission.