Challenge 8: Social implication

Maximising education, awareness, participation and involvement of the entire ecosystem of the city in the objectives of the València 2030 Climate Mission.

Specific objectives

  • Promote climate and sustainable awareness in the population, with actions at any educational level, and in support of any of the municipal communication and information media and supports.
  • Facilitate and promote the consumption of local and Km0 products. In the case of agricultural products, with a particular focus on the production of the market garden of Valencia.
  • Stimulate the transformation of the personal mobility model towards active mobility, increasing the use of public transport and shared mobility.
  • Stimulate the planning of personal mobility and logistic services in order to achieve a decongestion of public roads during peak demand.
  • Support smart energy management strategies and reduction of energy consumption at household and commercial level.
  • Explore the potential of green energy digital token generation and trading systems as a way to stimulate the participation of citizens, communities and businesses in the generation mix.
  • Support the deployment of energy communities.
  • Actively monitor and manage indicators associated with personal and business carbon footprints.
  • Maximise the application of the waste hierarchy concept in the City, promoting the prevention of waste generation, encouraging reuse, strengthening recycling and favouring its traceability.
  • Encourage responsible consumption, including both information tools on the characteristics of products and services, as well as models to promote their use by companies and citizens.
  • Encourage the deployment of private green roofs, walls and balconies.
    Support personal response strategies to extreme weather events (heat waves, heavy rains).
  • Encourage the successful and continuous use of gamification models that stimulate a sustainable personal lifestyle and a strengthening of the productive fabric towards sustainability.
  • Explore new forms of citizen participation in support of the city’s climate mission.
  • In general, to promote education, awareness, participation and involvement of citizens, public and private entities and civil society in the achievement of the systemic transformation of the City of Valencia according to the objectives of the Climate Mission València 2030.