The “I Innovative Ideas Competition El Marítim Innova” awards the three best innovative ideas with 60,000 euros

• Projects submitted must be based on open data generated by the MAtchUP project in the areas of energy and mobility.
• The deadline for submission to the call is 31 May 2022.
• The three best ideas selected will be awarded 20,000 euros each. The solutions will last no more than 12 months.
• The BASES are available HERE.
The innovation center of the City of Valencia, Las Naves, within the framework of the European project MAtchUP has launched the call for the first edition of the Innovative Ideas Contest “El Marítim Innova”.
The Councillor for Innovation of the City of Valencia, Carlos Galiana, has positively valued this competition to “boost talent and entrepreneurship in the interests of making more sustainable and innovative Poblats Marítims”.
This call is addressed to all those developers who using the open data generated by the European project can provide innovative solutions as projects, programmes and activities to one or more of the 6 challenges that arise.
The call presents citizen challenges in the fields of energy and urban mobility in the district of Poblats Marítims that must be solved in an innovative way through the use of MAtchUP data.
Specifically, the challenges are: improving energy efficiency in public buildings, facilitating the deployment of renewable energy, enhancing citizen involvement in the energy transition, reducing energy poverty, facilitate more sustainable mobility and improve sustainable urban logistics. All of them limited to Poblats Marítims,
The jury, which will be composed of members appointed by Las Naves, will assess in particular the suitability of the proposal to the social challenge and impact foreseen or the degree of innovation, among other aspects. All base information is available ships

Missions Valencia 2030
This competition is fully aligned with the objective of Missions València 2030 to make a city more innovative and sustainable. The innovation center Las Naves and the Delegation of Innovation and Knowledge of the City of Valencia are responsible for Missions València 2030, a governance model of innovation based on missions that improve people’s lives. This model of governance brings together the entire innovation ecosystem without excluding anyone, because the missions of a city, a country or the whole of Europe are achieved from diversity and with the sum of all the parts, all the talent and all the sources of knowledge.
The Missió Climàtica València 2030 has just been launched, with the aim of turning Valencia into a climate-neutral city and being part of the 100 cities that the European Commission will select within the mission «Smart and climate-neutral cities».