Valencia greenlights its first mission to achieve climate neutrality by 2030

It will be the first mission developed within the Missions Valencia 2030 framework, and it is designed as a part of the Valencia Urban Strategy 2030.

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València has been chosen as one of the 6 top innovative cities in Europe

The Commission will proclaim the winner and the finalists of the European Capital of Innovation 2020 competition during the European Research and Innovation Days that will be held from September 22nd to 24th 2020.

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missions valencia 2030

València, finalist for the European Capital of Innovation in 2020

Missions València 2030 is the innovation strategy from the València City Council for the next decade.

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Teresa Riesgo, General Secretary for Innovation, visits Las Naves to learn about Missions València 2030

Missions València 2030 will determine the innovation policy in València for the next decade.

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What are the missions?

Missions València 2030 is the social and urban innovation strategy for València, following the lead of the Horizon Europe programme, proposed by the European Union. It carries out experiments in a research and innovation governance model that targets missions that improve the life of citizens in Valencia.

Missions València 2030 will guide public innovation efforts by the City Council of València and Las Naves and will invite the innovative ecosystem in València to join this initiative.

Missions València 2030 place València at the European forefront of cities focusing their research and innovation on local missions that improve the lives of its citizens.

MissionsVLC2020 is our humble contribution, from the point of view of València’s innovation, to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 (SDGs 2030).

Missions 2020 definition process

We acknowledge that innovation is a collective journey and not an individual destination. Therefore, the whole Valencian innovative ecosystem is essential to ensure the success of mission in València.

Missions in València will be established following an agile process with an exponential growth based on the collective intelligence with a high level of involvement from the 4 helixes of our innovation ecosystem: public sector, academia and research centres, private sector and civil society.

The involvement of citizens and society as a whole is key in the following Missions València 2020 milestones:

Mapping key focus areas for the missions in order to guide València’s innovation efforts, co-governance of missions through direct participation in the Social Councils of the Missions & the involvement in periodical accountability processes of Missions València 2030.

missions valencia 2030

Why Missions 2030?

Our aim is that València becomes a healthy, sustainable, shared and entrepreneurial city that creates missions that improves the life of people in the following key areas.

Our aim is to generate a constellation of innovation projects with an impact on the missions coming from the whole innovative ecosystem.

We want people to feel the value of innovation and how it could improve their life.

Healthy City

A city that seeks missions to better the individual well-being of each citizen in terms of health, loneliness, longevity, etc.

For instance: health at all stages of life; longevity and active ageing; promotion of healthy habits; fight against obesity, specifically against child obesity; fight against cancer and its impact…

Shared City

A city that seeks missions that act to improve the collective well-fare and the relation among people (reduction of inequalities, fight against poverty, etc.)

For instance: reduction of inequalities of all kind and in any collectives; unwanted loneliness; reduction of inequalities among neighbourhoods; shared and open management of urban commons, i.e., shared material and immaterial resources of our city and its surroundings…

Entrepreneur City

A city that seeks missions that develop the business community, talent and the entrepreneurial spirit in the València.

For instance: strengthening the productive ecosystem; full digitalization; improvement of the resilience of cities before crises and disasters…

Sustainable City

A city that seeks missions that respond to issues such as the relation to the environment where we live: climate change, energy transition, etc.

For instance: waste and CO2 emissions reduction; production and use of renewable energies; promotion and connection of green areas and water areas in València; responsible, local and quality consumption; adaptation to climate change; improvement of the resilience of cities before crises and disasters; well-being of the sea, our beaches, coastal and continental waters; smart and climate-neutral cities; soil health and food health…

Missions València 2030 Ambassadors

We want to recognise the effort of all those that promote the achievement of Missions València 2030.

With this goal in mind, we work so that organisations developing research and innovation projects with a clear impact on any Mission can join this initiative, provide information on implemented projects and their results, and become part of a community of ambassadors of Missions València 2030.

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